Krievu superkāra Marussia panākumi

Kad pirms gada krievu autosportists un šovmens Nikolajs Fomenko prezentēja Marussia tas nelikās nopietni, bet nu ir pagājis laiks un Marussia nav sēdējusi uz vietas. Pa šo laiku kompānija veidoja reklāmas ( kuras man nešķiet nekas īpašs) un ir kļuvuši par Ričarda Brensona jaunās F1 komandas Virgin Racing oficiālajiem partneriem. Kā arī ir tapis Marussia otrais modelis, kurš saucās B2, oriģināli ne?

Foto no Frankfurtes autošova 2009 – Marussia B2 un B1 hibrīds:

Vēl pāris video ar Marussia reklāmām un preses relīzi angļu valodā:


Marussia is delighted to announce its major partnership with Formula One’s new team, Virgin Racing, which was launched by Sir Richard Branson in London today. Formula One is the perfect stage for Marussia’s high performance sports cars. Created in 2007 by the company President Nikolay Fomenko and ideologist Yefim Ostrovsky, Marussia’s philosophy for its cars is ‘Innovation built on reliability.’

The group has seen its concept morph into reality with the launch at the Frankfurt Auto Fair in 2009 of its grand tourismo sport coupe B1 and B2. This arrival on the global stage heralded the appearance of the first Russian sports car. In a multi-year deal Marussia will be high profile in the global F1 world with Virgin Racing, enjoying major on car, driver and team branding. It also enters into a relationship with Virgin Racing’s Engine partner, Cosworth. Cosworth together with Marussia will produce new-era engines, not only including diesel and petrol ones.

To reflect this dynamic partnership, Marussia is developing a racing version of its car using F1 technologies such as advanced electronics and aerodynamic design. Technology is a key word for Marussia as it develops the high performance cars of the future. Marussia’s President Nikolay Fomenko said “We are very proud to partner with Virgin Racing which like us is a young, innovative group of people dedicated to excellence and thinking outside the box. Formula One is the pinnacle of motor sport and the perfect environment to constantly strive for the best. It’s a way for Russian talented racers to get to F1.”



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